Join the TransDeluxe Team! was started in August 2010 by three people from Houston, Texas. We realized that there was a huge market in the field of translation. Imagine if one day you could go to any website in the world and read it in your native language. Right now there are millions and millions of websites that you're not able to read simply because they are in a different language. Think about how much information you're missing out on!

On the first day of opening we released translation scripts for static websites and WordPress blogs. On the second day we released scripts for Blogger and On the third day we released a script for MyBB and the TransDeluxe Universal Widget. What a long three days of work!

Within 24 hours of opening our online doors we were flooded with emails from people requesting for us to create plugin for all types of different scripts! The amount of requests that we have is overwelming and is simply too much for us to handle, so we are looking for new people to join the team!

TransDeluxe is a completely non-profit website, it always has been and always will be. We give away everything we code for completely free - that's what the Internet is about! As with any Internet-based non-profit project we don't make any money, and if you join our team you won't either. However, this is a chance to make history with us!

We do give all of our team one thing: your own page on our website to identify that you truly are on our team. We are doing this because of our past history of working with online freelancers. Freelancers need a way that they can prove to future employers that they are on our team - and it is a quick way for employers to check up on you to see if you really are. It is completely up to you what you want us to include on your page - full name, address, phone number, the plugins you have created for us, links to your other websites, etc - but it is completely up to you to decide what information you do and do not want to give us. Also, your page is completely private. We will not share it with anyone, it is for your reference so you can give it out to future employers.

If you are interested in joining our team and making history online just send us an email letting us know that you want to join and what you can bring to the team. You can contact us here: [email protected]

Below is a list of some of the scripts we are looking for people to create TransDeluxe Plugins for. However, if you want to create a plugin for a script that isn't on the list below, that sounds great to us! We are always eager to hear new ideas!

Blogging Scripts

Textpattern - Nucleus CMS - LifeType - Serendipity - Dotclear - Zomplog - FlatPress - NibbleBlog

Forum Scripts

vBulletin - IPB - phpBB - SMF - PunBB - Phorum - AEF - Vanilla - UseBB - miniBB - XMB - NovaBoard

Wiki Scripts

DokuWiki - MediaWiki - PmWiki - BoltWire - WikkaWiki - WikyBlog

Image Gallery Scripts

4images - Coppermine - Gallery - Zenphoto - Pixelpost - TinyWebGallery - Piwigo

eCommerce Scripts

Zen Cart - OpenCart - osCommerce - Magento - PrestaShop - AlegroCart - Freeway

CMS / Portal Scripts

Joomla - Drupal - Mambo - PHP Fusion - CMS Made Simple - MODx - MAXdev - XOOPS - PHP-Nuke - Website Baker - Jaws - Tiki Wiki - Zikula - Contao - Exponent - Etomite - eZ Publish - concrete5 - TYPO3 - sNews - ImpressCMS - TangoCMS

Thank you for visiting TransDeluxe! Help spread the word about us!