This license must be followed by everyone using our coding!

The Golden Rule: We have freely provided you with thousands of lines of coding (plus hundreds of hours of support each week) that will greatly help you increase the amount of traffic going to your website, the amount of money you can make, and your search engine optimization. We only ask for one thing in return: Please do not remove the text and link below the flags on every page. If you are using our script, just please make sure that is our link is displayed on all translated pages.


  1. This Package is defined as all of the files within any archive file or any group of files released in conjunction by TransDeluxe, the TransDeluxe Website, or a derived or modified work based on such files.
  2. A Modification is defined as instructions, to be performed manually or in an automated manner, that alter any part of this Package.
  3. A Modified Package is defined as this Package or a derivative of it with one or more Modification applied to it.
  4. Distribution is defined as allowing one or more other people to in any way download or receive a copy of this Package, a Modified Package, or a derivative of this Package.
  5. The Software is defined as an installed copy of this Package, a Modified Package, or a derivative of this Package.
  6. The TransDeluxe Website is defined as


  1. Permission is hereby granted to use, copy, modify and/or distribute this Package, provided that:
    1. All copyright notices within source files and as generated by the Software as output are retained, unchanged.
    2. Any Distribution of this Package, whether as a Modified Package or not, includes this license and is released under the terms of this Agreement. This clause is not dependant upon any measure of changes made to this Package.
    3. This Package, Modified Packages, and derivative works may not be sold or released under any paid license. Copying fees for the transport of this Package, support fees for installation or other services, and hosting fees for hosting the Software may, however, be imposed.
    4. Any Distribution of this Package, whether as a Modified Package or not, requires express written consent from TransDeluxe.
  2. You may make Modifications to this Package or a derivative of it, and distribute your Modifications in a form that is separate from the Package, such as patches. The following restrictions apply to Modifications:
    1. A Modification must not alter or remove any copyright notices in the Software or Package, generated or otherwise.
    2. When a Modification to the Package is released, a non-exclusive royalty-free right is granted to TransDeluxe to distribute the Modification in future versions of the Package provided such versions remain available under the terms of this Agreement in addition to any other license(s) of the initial developer.
    3. Any Distribution of a Modified Package or derivative requires express written consent from TransDeluxe.
    4. You may not remove the link to our Website that is located under the flags.
  3. Permission is hereby also granted to distribute programs which depend on this Package, provided that you do not distribute any Modified Package without express written consent.
  4. TransDeluxe reserves the right to change the terms of this Agreement at any time.
  5. This Agreement will terminate automatically if you fail to comply with the limitations described herein. Upon termination, you must destroy all copies of this Package, the Software, and any derivatives within 24 hours.

Any violations to this license will result in a DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) notice being served to you, your hosting company, and any other parties involved in the violation. We provide you with as much help as you need setting up your website with our software. Please abide by our license terms.

Our WordPress Plugin is released under the GNU General Public License.

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