TransDeluxe Universal Widget

TransDeluxe has developed a universal widget that can be used on absolutely ANY website using ANY programming language.

All you have to do is copy and paste our code below to the area on your website that you want the widget to appear.

This unique widget will automatically detect the language of your website visitors (based on the country their IP address is pointing to). It will not redirect their URL to Google translate.

This widget is simply for webmaster who want to allow their website visitors to view their website in any language. It does not help you search engine optimization because it does not rewrite your URLs. However, it is a proven fact that webmaster who provide the option for users to translate their website into the users native language get a significant amount more traffic than webmaster who do not offer this feature.

We highly suggest that you add this widget in your footer, header, or sidebar. By doing this you will get users the ability to translate every page of your website. Users can only translate pages that have this widget installed.

Important Information: This script is setup to automatically detect your websites default language and translate it into a visitors default language.

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