TransDeluxe for WordPress

Over the years, WordPress has quickly become one of the most popular softwares for designing both blogs and normal websites.. So, we just went ahead and created our own version of TransDeluxe which works with all WordPress permalinks and is currently compatible with WordPress 2.6 to the most recent WordPress 3.x version. Our plugin can be installed just like any other normal WordPress plugin. This plugin was designed by Davide Pozza and repackaged by TransDeluxe with a few features added/removed and the translation engines have been perfected.

Click Here to Download TransDeluxe for WordPress

Installation Instructions

1. Upload the folder "transdeluxe" to the "wp-content/plugins" directory.
2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
3. From the main menu choose "Settings --> TransDeluxe" and select your blog language and your preferred configuration options then select "Update Options".
4. Go to "Appearance --> Widgets" and move the TransDeluxe widget to your sidebar, footer, or header.

Key Features

  • Four different translation engines: Google Translation Engine, Babel Fish, Promt, FreeTranslations
  • Search Engine Optimized: it uses the permalinks by adding the language code at the beginning of all your URI. For example the english version on will be automatically transformed in
  • Fast Caching System: new fast, smart, optimized, self-cleaning and built-in caching system. Drastically reduction of the risk of temporarily ban from translation engines.
  • Fully configurable layout: you can easily customize the appearance of the translation bar by choosing between a TABLE or DIV layout for the flags bar and by selecting the number of translations to make available to your visitors
  • No database modifications: TransDeluxe is not intrusive. It doesn't create or alter any table on your database: this feature permits to obtain better performances.

Frequently Asked Questions

The full translation process takes a lot of time. Why?

In order to prevent from banning by the translation services, only a translation request every 5 minutes will be allowed. This will permit to fully translate your blog whithout any interruption; this message will completely disappear when all the pages of your blog will be cached. Remember that this message will also appear if you're currently being banned by the translation engine: this could happen if for example your blog shares the same ip address with other blogs using older versions of TransDeluxe.  If your website gets banned from accessing the translation API's, don't worry.  Most bans only last from a few hours to a couple of days.

When I click on a flag I'm just redirected to Google Translation Services

Don't worry: this is just a TEMPORARY redirect which will disappear when the page will be cached and saved on your server: in fact, in order to avoid banning issues, the plugin translates and caches one page every 5 minutes.

When clicking on a translation flag the page doesn't translate

This could be due to a change of the permalinks structure of your blog, to a conflict with another plugin or to a custom .htaccess file which doesn't permit TransDeluxe to add its custom permalink rules. Try to refresh the TransDeluxe rewrite rules by just pressing the "Update Options" button from the TransDeluxe admin page. If the problem persists, try also to deactivate all the other existing plugins and check your .htaccess file and comment out all the non-standard rewrite rules. If you discover a conflicting plugin please send us an email ([email protected]).

The translated page has a bad/broken layout

This is due to the translation engine action. We cannot do anything in order to prevent this problems :-) We suggest you to try all the translation engines in order to choose the best one for your blog layout.

I've just changed my permalinks structure or just upgraded WordPress to a newer version and TransDeluxe doesn't translate anymore

Everytime the permalinks structure of your blog changes, the custom rules previously added by TransDeluxe are overriden. To solve the problem you must just refresh the TransDeluxe Options ("Update Options" button) on the administrative area.

I've removed one or more available translations but the search engines continue to try to index the corresponding urls

When you remove one or more translations, the plugin will begin to return a 404 Not Found for all the corresponding translated pages. In order to notify a search engine that one or more urls are not available anymore you should add a deny rule on your robots.txt file. For example if you decide to remove the German translation you should modify your robots.txt as follows: User-agent: * [....] Disallow: /de/*

How can I discover if my blog is currently banned by the translation engine?

Go to the TransDeluxe admin page. If your blog has been temporarily banned, a warning message will appear inside the "Translation engine connection" section.  If your website gets banned from accessing the translation API's, don't worry.  Most bans only last from a few hours to a couple of days.

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