TransDeluxe for

TransDeluxe has just released its own widget for translating your Hosted blog.

Since limits what types of scripts/images can be added, we have decided to host everyones flags for them.

Widget Installation Instructions

1. Login to your admin area.
2. Go to Widgets (located in the Appearance menu).
3. Move a Text widget to your sidebar.
4. Add whatever title you want - we suggest using the title "Translations".
5. Copy and paste the following to the content area:

6. You will need to replace everywhere that it says YOURBLOG with your blogs name.
7. After you have added the code and changed YOURBLOG, just click save and you're done!

Note: This widget does not enable search engine friendly URLs. Unfortunately, makes it impossible for their users to do this! However, it is a proven fact that you will get more traffic to your blog if you give users the ability to translate it. You will be getting traffic from all over the world because people will know that if they go to your blog, then they can read it in their native language.

Thank you for visiting TransDeluxe! Help spread the word about us!